New ClearShield Combo – Wear Clearshield when you want, cover it with a Mask if you must

ClearShield AND MaskClearShield

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Many Governments state that wearing a cloth or fabric Face Mask will not provide you with much protection and yet they mandate that people wear them (or if you have breathing difficulties you should go maskless).

This is total madness but what can you do? Well with ClearShield you can enjoy all the safety and comfort benefits of this unique mask and if you need to cover up you can do so and still keep most of ClearShields benefits.

Even netter it allows asthmatics and the hard of breathing to protect themselves in situations where the Government tells them to put themselves at risk.

We’ve also noticed that a few organizations (in France and Spain) have decided they won’t admit visitors who aren’t wearing a cloth mask. They don’t accept any kind of transparent shield including full face visors. They also won’t admit people who are exempted from wearing a mask for health reasons, for example sufferers of asthma, COPD or other breathing difficulties unless they wear a cloth mask.

Again the Solution for Clearshield users is to wear a fabric hygiene mask over ClearShield when visiting these establishments.

It’s takes a few seconds to slip on and off, and you get most of the benefits of Clearshield with none of the dangers of wearing a fabric mask on its own.

The ClearShield + fabric mask solution seems to be accepted in the “Cloth Mask Only” organizations and Countries where we’ve tested it and we think you‘ll find it much better than wearing a fabric mask alone, even if it’s just for a short time.

Note: Blue Hygiene Mask is not included.

ClearShield + Hygiene Mask
Usable in Situations that Require Fabric masks.
Extends Life of Fabric Masks to days instead of hours
Makes Fabric masks a pleasure to wear even for the Hard of Breathing
Dramatically increases the safety of fabric masks
Aero Styling offers comparable shielding to Surgical/KN95 masks
Easy Breath design lets carbon dioxide out and fresh air in.
Minimal contact points dramatically reduce the danger of Virus transfer
Easy to clean in seconds with soap & water or a sanitizing wipe
Lasts much longer than fabric masks alone meaning lower lifetime cost
Ideal for wearers with asthma, COPD and other breathing issues
Ideal for Retail and Hospitality: Block Coronavirus, not your Smile (not when covered by blue mask)
Perfect for communicating with the hard of hearing (not when covered by blue mask)
Pet Friendly: Dogs and Cats hate masks but love Clearshield (not when covered by blue mask)
Light and adjustable. Comfortable enough to wear all day long
Anti Fog coating: Clearshield won’t fog up and neither will your glasses
Won’t cause mask acne (mascne), or smear your makeup and lipstick
Can be worn during exercise and workouts
You can drink through a straw without removing your Clearshield
Reusable and Recyclable it’s ECO friendly and won’t create a biohazard (ClearShield Only)
Meets EU/WHO guidelines for Public/Community Masks
CE Certified for product safety (this is not Medical device CE)