This is a comprehensive list of countries that mandate the wearing of masks (and those that don’t).

Requiring masks to be worn in public can mean different things in different countries, sometimes it’s only on public transport, sometimes only in essential businesses, and sometimes everywhere in public.

Note: Universal Mask Usage is defined as more than 80% of the population wearing a mask (based upon polling data).

AfghanistanYesN/AParts of Country
AlbaniaYesN/ANo, But Recommends Masks
AlgeriaYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
AndorraYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
AngolaYesPublic Transport + Markets + Most Public PlacesFull Country
Antigua and BarbudaYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
ArgentinaYesPublic Transport + Select States: EverywhereFull Country
ArmeniaYesPublic TransportFull Country
AustraliaNoN/AParts of Country
AustriaYesPublic Transport & StoresFull Country
AzerbaijanYesPublic TransportFull Country
BahamasYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
BahrainYesEverywhere In PublicFull Country
BangladeshYesEverywhere in publicFull Country
BarbadosYesPublic TransportFull Country
BelgiumYesPublic Transport + Everywhere in Public Where Social Distancing Isn't PossibleFull Country
BelizeYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
BeninYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
BoliviaYesN/AParts of Country
Bosnia and HerzegovinaYesEverywhere In PublicFull Country
BotswanaYesEverywhere In PublicFull Country
BrazilYesN/AParts of Country
BruneiYesN/AParts of Country
BulgariaYesEverywhere In PublicFull Country
Burkina FasoYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
BurundiYesN/ANo, But Recommends Masks
Côte d'IvoireYesN/AFull Country
Cabo VerdeYesAll Indoor Public Places With Multiple PeopleFull Country
CambodiaYesN/AParts of Country
CameroonYesEverywhere In PublicFull Country
CanadaYesN/AParts of Country
Central African RepublicYesEverywhere in publicFull Country
ChadYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
ChileYesPublic Transport + Everywhere in Public With More Than 10 PeopleFull Country
ChinaYesUniversal Mask UsageNo, But Universal Mask Usage
ColombiaYesEverywhere in Public Where Social Distancing Isn't PossibleFull Country
Congo (Congo-Brazzaville)YesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
Costa RicaYesPublic transit, cinemas, churches, theaters, banks, and restaurantsFull Country
CroatiaYesPublic transportation, medical facilities, shops, and mallsFull Country
CubaYesEverywhere In PublicFull Country
CyprusYesN/AParts of Country
Czechia (Czech Republic)YesAll Indoor Public PlacesFull Country
Democratic Republic of the CongoYesEverywhere In PublicFull Country
DenmarkCertain SituationsN/ANo
DjiboutiYesEverywhere in Public Where Social Distancing Isn't PossibleFull Country
DominicaYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
Dominican RepublicYesEverywhere In PublicFull Country
EcuadorYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
EgyptYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
El SalvadorYesEverywhere In PublicFull Country
Equatorial GuineaYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
EstoniaYesN/ANo, But Recommends Masks
Eswatini (fmr. "Swaziland")YesN/ANo, But Recommends Masks
EthiopiaYesEverywhere In PublicFull Country
FinlandYesN/ANo, But Recommends Masks
FranceYesAll Indoor Public PlacesFull Country
GabonYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
GambiaYesN/AFull Country
GeorgiaYesAll Indoor Public PlacesFull Country
GermanyYesPublic Transport & ShoppingFull Country
GhanaYesEverywhere In PublicFull Country
GreeceYesAll Indoor Public PlacesFull Country
GrenadaYesAll Indoor Public PlacesFull Country
GuatemalaYesEverywhere In PublicFull Country
GuineaYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
Guinea-BissauYesEverywhere in publicFull Country
GuyanaYesN/AParts of Country
HaitiYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
Holy SeeYesN/AParts of Country
HondurasYesEverywhere In PublicFull Country
Hong KongYesUniversal Mask UsageNo, But Universal Mask Usage
HungaryYesN/AParts of Country
IndiaYesUniversal Mask UsageNo, But Universal Mask Usage
IndonesiaYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
IranYesEverywhere in publicFull Country
IraqYesEverywhere In PublicFull Country
IrelandYesN/ANo, But Recommends Masks
IsraelYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
ItalyYesPublic Transport & StoresFull Country
JamaicaYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
JapanYesUniversal Mask UsageNo, But Universal Mask Usage
JordanYesN/AParts of Country
KazakhstanYesPublic buses & at airportsFull Country
KenyaYesEverywhere In PublicFull Country
KuwaitYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
KyrgyzstanYesAll Indoor Public Places With Multiple PeopleFull Country
LaosYesN/ANo, But Recommends Masks
LatviaYesPublic TransportFull Country
LebanonYesEverywhere In PublicFull Country
LesothoYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
LiberiaYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
LibyaYesN/ANo, But Recommends Masks
LiechtensteinYesN/ANo, But Recommends Masks
LithuaniaYesEverywhere In PublicFull Country
LuxembourgYesEverywhere In PublicFull Country
MadagascarYesN/AParts of Country
MalawiYesN/ANo, But Recommends Masks
MalaysiaYesUniversal Mask UsageNo, But Universal Mask Usage
MaldivesYesEverywhere in publicFull Country
MaliYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
MaltaYesPublic Transport + ShoppingFull Country
Marshall IslandsnullN/ANo
MauritaniaYesEverywhere in publicFull Country
Mauritius4/24/2020Full Country-says-PM.aspx)
MexicoYesEverywhere in public where social distancing isn't possibleFull Country
MoldovaYesAll Indoor Public PlacesFull Country
MonacoYesPublic Transport + ShopsFull Country
MongoliaYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
MontenegroYesAll Indoor Public PlacesFull Country
MoroccoYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
MozambiqueYesEverywhere in Public Where Social Distancing Isn't PossibleFull Country
Myanmar (formerly Burma)YesEverywhere In PublicFull Country
NamibiaYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
NepalYesN/AParts of Country
NetherlandsYesPublic TransportFull Country
New ZealandNoN/ANo
NicaraguaYesN/AParts of Country
NigerYesN/AParts of Country
NigeriaYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
North KoreaYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
North MacedoniaYesEverywhere in Public Where Social Distancing Isn't PossibleFull Country
NorwayNoAdmits they work but does not recommendNo
OmanYesEverywhere in publicFull Country
PakistanYesEverywhere in publicFull Country
PalauYesN/ANo, But Recommends Masks
Palestine StatenullN/ANo
PanamaYesEverywhere In PublicFull Country
Papua New Guineanullof%20Emergency%20over%20Covid-19)when%20classes%20resume%20next%20week.&text=By%20then%2C%20primary%20and%20secondary
ParaguayYesEverywhere in Public Where Social Distancing Isn't PossibleFull Country
PeruYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
PhilippinesYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
PolandYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
PortugalYesAll Indoor Public PlacesFull Country
QatarYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
RomaniaYesAll Indoor Public PlacesFull Country
RussiaYesPublic Transport + ShopsParts of Country
RwandaYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
Saint Kitts and NevisYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
Saint LuciaYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesYesN/ANo, But Recommends Masks
San MarinonullN/ANo
Sao Tome and PrincipeYesPublic Roads & Business EmployeesFull Country
Saudi ArabiaYesEverywhere in publicFull Country
SenegalYesCertain Public PlacesFull Country
SerbiaYesAll Indoor Public PlacesFull Country
SeychellesYesN/ANo, But Recommends Masks
Sierra LeoneYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
SingaporeYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
SlovakiaYesAll Indoor Public Places + Outdoor Within 20 Meters of OthersFull Country
SloveniaYesAll Indoor Public PlacesFull Country
Solomon IslandsnullN/ANo
South AfricaYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
South KoreaYesUniversal Mask UsageNo, But Universal Mask Usage
South SudanYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
SpainYesEverywhere in Public Where Social Distancing Isn't PossibleFull Country
Sri LankaYesEverywhere In PublicFull Country
SurinameYesN/ANo, But Recommends Masks
SwitzerlandYesN/ANo, But Recommends Masks
TaiwanYesPublic TransportFull Country
TajikistanYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
TanzaniaYesN/AParts of Country
ThailandYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
Timor-LesteYesAll Commercial EstablishmentsFull Country
TogoYesN/ANo, But Recommends Masks
Trinidad and TobagoYesEverywhere In PublicFull Country
TunisiaYesEverywhere In PublicFull Country
TurkeyYesPublic Transport, Markets, Supermarkets & Crowded PlacesFull Country
UgandaYesEverywhere In PublicFull Country
UkraineYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
United Arab EmiratesYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
United KingdomYesPublic transit, shops, and supermarketsFull Country
United States of AmericaYesN/AParts of Country
UruguayYesSupermarkets, Banks & Some Indoor SpacesFull Country
UzbekistanYesEverywhere In Public (Major Cities)Full Country
VanuatuYesN/ANo, But Recommends Masks
VenezuelaYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
VietnamYesEverywhere in PublicFull Country
ZambiaYesEverywhere In PublicFull Country
ZimbabweYesEverywhere In PublicFull Country