Coronavirus (COVID 19) (Covid-19) is spread mainly through exhaled droplets which contain saliva, mucous and other substances from the airways, including viruses,. These droplets travel in a straight line forward from your mouth when you breathe, talk, shout and cough. They also travel downwards when you sneeze or breathe through your nose.

Droplets generally travel for 2 meters or more falling slightly as they travel. They can fall on hard surfaces such as tabletops and railings where they’re collected and spread on people’s hands (hence the advice to wash your hands frequently).

Up to 1 meter the stream of exhaled droplets is fairly concentrated and extremely dangerous if the infected person has coronavirus (COVID 19). (And around 81% of infected and infectious people don’t even know they have coronanvirus).

Beyond 1 meter the stream disperses and become progressively less dangerous although still highly infectious (the more of the coronovirus you are exposed to the more severe your symptoms are likely to be).

You can see the most dangerous setting is face to face at less than 2 meters. In this setting if an infected person without a face covering talks to you or coughs you are likely to become infected as well.  People to either side of you or behind you are still at risk though much less so.

Once you are infected you may become ill and you will pass it on so the cycle continues.

Clearshield is designed to protect customers and staff in hospitality and retail businesses where close face to face contact is essential and unavoidable.