A Face Mask Exemption card is a very useful way to show people that you don’t need to wear a face mask for reasons of mental or physical disability. In most countries you can self certify although in some you need to carry proof of disability.

If you have a reasonable excuse you don’t need to wear a mask at all, but many of us would prefer to wear some kind of cover to protect ourselves and others, and this is why we designed ClearShield.

Reasonable excuses for Face Mask Exemption could include:

Note: if you have a medical condition or disability that makes it difficult for you to wear one, you can usually self-certify as being exempt from having to wear one

Sufferers of Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Chronic Bronchitis, Emphysema, Cystic Fibrosis/Bronchiectasis, and Pleural Effusion

Autism:  Some people with autism spectrum disorders find covering the nose and mouth with fabric can cause sensory overload, feelings of panic, and extreme anxiety

Physical disability: Some people with a disability can find wearing a mask difficult if they cannot remove it from their face without help. For example, someone with cerebral palsy may not be able to tie the strings or put the elastic loops of a face mask over their ears, due to limited mobility

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, severe anxiety or claustrophobia: People with these conditions can find wearing a mask terrifying and may not be able to stay calm or function while wearing one

This is not an exhaustive list and in most countries it’s not clear how to prove exception but most authorities seem to allow you to self certify.

What is a Face Covering and does ClearShield comply

In most countries a face covering is generally considered to be a mask that covers the nose or mouth. Most cover part of the nose including the nostrils.

ClearShield was created in line with EU and WHO recommendations to cover the nose and mouth. We recommended it for anyone who can claim to be exempt but would still like to protect themselves and others.

ClearShield is so discrete you might want to carry a cloth mask and/or a Face Mask Exemption card

Because of its unique design and the fact it is so unobtrusive, you might find yourself being challenged. This is very unlikely but we know of one supermarket chain in Spain that does not allow clear shields of any sort including full face shields.

This is the reason ClearShield has been designed to be worn under a cloth mask and still retain most of its benefits, if you enter an area where there may be a risk simply put your cloth mask over the top while you’re in that location.

You may also feel more comfortable wearing a mask exempt badge and you can download examples here to print out, save to your phone or order online.

Please note that although Face Mask Exemption cards gives an easy visual aid to staff of your exemption, it’s not an absolute guarantee that you won’t be stopped or asked for more information. We would recommend that you also have proof of or information about your condition with you, just in case you are asked for it.

Read our post about countries that require face masks or coverings to be worn

You can download face mask exemption cards to print or keep on your phone using the links below. These cards are produced by the UK Government but should be OK to use in most countries.

Exemption from face covering badge (to print)

Exemption from face covering card (to print)

Exemption from face covering badge (for mobile phone)

If you have any questions on mask exemptions please email us here.