Which US States Mandate Face Mask Wearing in Public2020-11-16T10:40:08+01:00

Here’s a great link that lists Which US States Mandate Mask wearing in Public 

It’s provided by CNN and last time I checked (July 6th) It seems that it is being regularly updated.

Many references mention cloth masks so we cannot be sure ClearShield is allowed and you should make your own inquiries to satisfy yourself that Shields are acceptable.

Can I wear Clearshield Neo with Over Ear hearing aids2020-11-19T18:41:40+01:00

Clearshield Neo has arms that hook over your ear, they are quite thin so it should be possible to wear them with  over ear hearing aids.

They work perfectly with “in Ear” hearing aids.

Can I wear Clearshield Neo with Glasses?2020-11-19T18:42:21+01:00

Clearshield Neo has arms that hook over your ear, they are quite thin so it should be possible to wear them with  with Glasses.

Is Clearshield CE Approved?2020-11-16T10:34:28+01:00

In Europe and the UK, Face Shields are currently considered CE exempt products as they are not Medical products.

ClearShield is  not a  “surgical mask” or “full face respirator”.  and is not recommended for use in any surgical setting . Clearshield does not make any claims of particulate filtration or possession of antibacterial or anti-viral properties. It is purely a deflection device. As it isn’t a medical or PPE product there is no specific CE regulation for it’s protective properties against virus. These regulations only apply to medical devices which the Public should not use.

Clearshield is CE Approved for product Safety.

Community masks do however need to meet product safety standards. These cover things like:

  • Does the product have sharp edges
  • Is it made from materials that can cause skin and allergy problems
  • Are there parts that can pose a choking risk
  • Is the packaging adequate to prevent damage
  • etc etc

Clearshield is CE approved to meet the applicable product safety standards.

Is Clearshield Legal to use where masks are mandatory?2020-11-16T10:39:25+01:00

At the time of writing there are no hard and fast rules on the design of a protective mask to be worn by the general public. We believe both ClearShield and Clearshield Neo Face masks meet the requirements for public/community masks in the countries where we sell.

Most countries rely on the following guidelines when recommending so called “Public or Community Mask”:

“There are no rules on the design of Community facemasks for use by the public during the Covid-19 pandemic. Guidance says they should cover the mouth and nostrils and extend from the chin to the nasal septum. (Clearshield meets these recommendations when worn correctly).”

“The Public should not use Medical masks or PPE  (for example KN95) as they are reserved for medical professionals only. Blue Face disposable masks should not be used for more than 4 hours before being safely disposed of. Community facemasks do not have CE approval as medical devices.”

The European Union – European Centre for disease prevention and control guidance to members states is as follows:

Advice for Public health authorities in the EU/EEA countries and the United Kingdom.

Non-medical face masks (or ‘community’ masks) (intended to be worn by the general public) include various forms of self-made or commercial masks or face covers made of cloth, other textiles or other materials such as paper. They are not standardised and are not intended for use in healthcare settings or by healthcare professionals.


The World Health Organisation guidance is as follows:

Non-medical masks are made from a variety of woven and non-woven fabrics (or plastics, such as polypropylene). Non-medical masks may be made of different combinations of fabrics, layering sequences and available in diverse shapes. Few of these combinations have been systematically evaluated and there is no single design, choice of material, layering or shape among the nonmedical masks that are available. The unlimited combination of fabrics and materials results in variable filtration and breathability. A non-medical mask is neither a medical device nor personal protective equipment.

There are no established standards for non-medical face masks used as a means of source control or personal protection.


As with everything to do with your health, it’s your responsibility to satisfy yourself that the mask or shield you choose meets your needs

Is ClearShield FDA Approved?2020-11-16T10:41:14+01:00

In the United States, Face Shields are currently considered Class I 510(k) exempt products by the Federal Drug Administration. Based on current FDA Guidance, these Face Shields do not need FDA approval.

ClearShield and ClearShield Pro are not  “surgical masks” or “full face respiratosr”.  and are not recommended for use in any surgical setting . Clearshield does not make any claims of particulate filtration or possession of antibacterial or anti-viral properties. It is purely a deflection device.



Can you print my logo on ClearShield Face Masks2020-11-16T10:42:02+01:00

Yes we can. Please contact us for details.

Does ClearShield come in other colours2020-11-16T10:43:16+01:00

Yes you can have the support bar (in front of the chin) in any colour you like. The standard colour is white and for custom colours there is a 2000 piece minimum order quantity. ClearShield Neo is 100% crystal clear polycarbonate so there are no colour options available

How many times can I reuse ClearShield2020-11-16T10:45:09+01:00

ClearShield theoretically has an almost unlimited lifetime as there are no parts to wear out other than the elastic ear straps. The Face Shields made from PET (ClearShiled) and Polycarbonate (ClearShield Neo), Both of which is extremely durable and scratch resistant.

ClearShield face masks can and should be cleaned regularly by wiping with with soap and water.

When the time comes to dispose of your ClearShield you can put it in the kerbside recycling with your plastic drinks bottles but please be sure to sanitize it very thoroughly first.

Is ClearShield as Safe as a Conventional Cloth Facemask2020-11-16T10:47:44+01:00

The reason for wearing a face covering in a public setting is to prevent an infected person from infecting others through coughs, sneezes and talking. Clearshield is an impermeable barrier that offers the best protection in a face to face setting when social distancing can’t be observed. In retail this is the most common situation we find.

Because, unlike conventional face masks, ClearShield is open at the top and sides it offers less protection to people either side of you, however this is  recognized as a much safer setting in any case and the benefits of having an open, comfortable mask that people will not remove to talk or when they get hot far outweigh any disadvantages.

In addition, because it fits well and is light and unobtrusive ClearShield wearers tend not to touch their faces as much as mask wearers and face touching is a major transmission risk for this virus.

Both Clearshield and ClearShield Neo are easy and quick to clean with soap and water, a critical part of your COVID protection regime and not possible with reusable or disposable masks.

Can a face covering stop me getting Covid?2020-11-16T11:34:31+01:00

According to current evidence, Coronavirus (COVID 19) virus is primarily transmitted between people through respiratory droplets and contact.  Cloth Face coverings generally aren’t considered a good way to stop others infecting you as the virus is small enough to travel through the material, especially if droplets land and soak through. Face coverings are good way of stopping infected people passing the virus on to others as they can block exhaled droplets from coughs and sneezes.

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