You probably already know you should inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth, but many people don’t do this, particularly when wearing face coverings that can make breathing feel more difficult.

Breathing properly through your nose instead of your mouth may be helpful in protecting yourself from coronavirus because the sinuses in the nasal cavity, but not the mouth, continuously produce nitric oxide (NO).

The nitric oxide produced in the nasal cavity is chemically identical to the nitric oxide that is used clinically by inhalation to treat a wide range of respiratory problems.

Nitric oxide helps fight coronavirus (COVID 19) infection by blocking the replication of the virus in the lungs.

By inhaling through the nose, you’re delivering nitric oxide directly into your lungs, where it increases both airflow and blood flow and keeps microorganisms and virus particles in check.

Inhaled nitric oxide is currently in clinical trials for the treatment of patients with COVID 19.

Researchers are hoping that three principal actions of nitric oxide may help fight COVID 19:
By dilating the pulmonary arteries and increasing blood flow through the lungs
By dilating the airways and increasing oxygen delivery to the lungs and blood
By directly killing and inhibiting the growth and spread of the coronavirus in the lungs.

How nitric oxide kills viruses including coronavirus (Covid 19)

In an in vitro study done in 2004 during the last SARS outbreak, nitric oxide increased the survival rate of mammalian cells infected with SARS-CoV by blocking production of viral proteins and its genetic material, RNA.

The SARS CoV, which caused the 2003/2004 outbreak, shares most of its genome with SARS CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19.

This suggests that inhaled nitric oxide therapy may be effective for treating patients with COVID-19.

Based on the above it could be beneficial to practice breathing properly to maximize the inhalation of nitric oxide into your lungs. Breathing this way has many other medical benefits that will make you feel better and healthier.

Remember: Breath IN through your nose; Breath OUT through your mouth.