If you are in the market for a clear face mask we can help you make the right choice for your needs and your budget.

We were the first supplier of clear face masks starting way back in February 2020. (It seems like a long time ago).

We’ve sold a lot of Clear Face Shields and learned a lot about masks and Covid since then. Our latest expanded range includes Clear Shields to suit anyone.

As people have got used to mask wearing they have turned away from cheap fabric masks which were a quick fix and are choosing more sophisticated shields that offer a better, safer solution.

Here are the 6 main reasons people choose a “clear shield”

  • Your Mouth and facial expressions are visible
  • They don’t smear lipstick and don’t hide your beard or makeup
  • They are generally easy breathing and suitable for asthmatics and the hard of breathing
  • They are less claustrophobic than cloth masks
  • They are less irritating and prevent mascne and face touching (a major risk with COVID)
  • They are very easy to clean with soap and water so are much cheaper long term

What parts of the face should a shield or mask cover?

A shield should cover the mouth and nose, at least over the nostrils, some countries mention it should cover the nose to the septum and a very few state it should completely cover the nose.

It should wrap around the face but doesn’t need to be sealed.

You may want to protect your eyes and we have a full face clear shield to take care of that

You can catch Coronovirus though your eyes but this is less common and mainly caused by touching a contaminated surface and then rubbing your  eyes. If this worries you then choose a full face shield like our Blocc.

How is Coronavirus transmitted and how do masks help?

There are four main methods of transmission, in order of importance

  • The main one by far is handling contaminated objects and touching your face – this is a HUGE problem with conventional masks which are very irritating.
  • Continuously wearing masks without cleaning them (or replacing Hygiene masks every 4 hours).
  • Breathing in exhaled droplets.
  • Breathing in aerosol contaminants.

All our Clear Shield masks offer great protection against transmissiontypes  1 – 3 for reasons discussed in the website, if you are worried about aerosol transmission then choose our sealed masks

So how do I choose the right Clear  Shield for me

Most shields are made from rigid plastic and have limited adjustability, check the size guides.

They should have an anti fog coating to help reduce misting, nothing looks worse than a misted up shield, open types are less likely to fog than sealed types.

Do you want a sealed or open mask?  Open masks are more easy breathing. Both should offer a good level of protection, Governments don’t specify that public masks should be sealed and most fabric masks gape at the sides.

If you wear glasses or over ear hearing aids, then make sure the shield is compatible.

Do you want to cover your mouth and nose (all or part?) and do you want to cover your eyes as well.

Do you want the option of wearing a fabric mask at the same time as your Clear Shield for a additional level of protection in high risk settings.

If you have any questions check out our blog or FAQs or you can ask us by emailing [email protected].