Discover the Pros and Cons of the commonly used mask types and why ClearShield is the best choice for Hospitality, Beauty and Retail.

Key Features of ClearShield compared with alternative solutions
ClearShield3 Ply Face MaskFabric Fashion MaskKN95 Medical Mask
Designed for hospitality and retail to protect and connect
Discrete and non intimidating
Does not make staff look like medics
Allows full face visibility
Allows clear conversation without needing to be removed
UK Government compliant for non medical settings
Meets UK Government advice to not use medical masks
Can be wiped clean with soap and water or hygiene wipes
Fully adjustable for maximum comfort
Fully sealed to face
Can be comfortably worn for a full shift
Doesn't get hot and itchy
Doesn't cause face touching, a major method of transmission
Hard of hearing friendly
Recommended for asthmatics and hard of breathing
Recommended for people with face mask anxieties
Can be printed with Staff names for better customer connection and to prevent staff accidentally wearing other peoples masks
Can be printed with your logo
Available in multiple colours
Reuseable and recyclable
Can be easily disposed of in commercial waste and not a Biohazard