Can’t or don’t want to wear a facemask? This new mask could be the answer

ClearShield is the new, clear “easy breath” facemask for anyone who doesn’t want to, or can’t, wear cloth masks but still wants to protect themselves and others. It’s so light and comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing a mask at all.

Perfect for anyone with mask issues or who needs their smile to be seen: real estate agents, vets, retail, bar, restaurant staff and many other professionals find it impossible to work effectively in a cloth mask.

ClearShield’s light and airy design uses fluid dynamics to manage the airflow around the mouth and nose. Our tests prove it can provide comparable shielding to cloth masks without their drawbacks.

Unlike ClearShield, cloth masks protect others more than the wearer, this is because they soak up the virus from the air and any surfaces they touch before transferring it straight onto your mouth and nose. It’s why they need regular replacement or washing, something people rarely do as often as they should.

Children, some adults and most animals find masks downright scary, who wants to look like a medic, especially on that big night out, and ID checks mean removing your cloth mask in places you should probably keep it on.

ClearShield is quick and easy to clean using soap & water or a sanitizing wipe and it’s very long lasting making it more cost effective than disposable masks. The popular blue 3 ply “Surgeons” mask needs replacing every 4 hours making it an expensive and inconvenient choice.

You don’t need to take ClearShield off to talk and it doesn’t get hot, itchy or moist, so you won’t  touch your face or fiddle with it as people do with cloth coverings.

ClearShield won’t fog up your glasses and it’s designed to let carbon dioxide out and clean air in ensuring you stay fresh and alert without the risk of hypercapnia (drowsiness caused by breathing in excess CO2). You can even enjoy a drink without removing your protection.

ClearShield is a great solution for anyone with asthma, COPD, emphysema and autism who currently put themselves and others at risk by going mask less (The Government says “if you are in this high risk group DON’T protect yourself with a mask”).

And the hard of hearing have overwhelmingly reported that clear masks are much better than fabric when communicating.

Maskne is a new type of acne caused by fabric masks but not by ClearShield. It’s caused by hot, sweaty masks rubbing on the skin. It’s untreatable because every time you wear a mask the damage becomes worse. The only solution is to go mask less or wear ClearShield.

Animals hate masks but love ClearShield. Animals get visual cues from your mouth and cloth masks make this impossible. ClearShield is ideal for pet lovers and veterinary administrators.

Disposable facemasks are also creating massive environmental and biohazard problems

The World Wildlife Foundation estimates that 10 million fabric masks (some infected with coronavirus) containing 40,000 kg of plastic are dumped into the environment every month. Made of a polypropylene/fabric mix that isn’t recyclable they’ll take 20-30 years to decompose in landfill, or worse, in the sea.

ClearShield is made of PET and PVC so at the end of its long life it’s easily recycled in the kerbside waste collection.

ClearShield has been designed in line with National Government and World health guidelines and can be worn under a cloth masks if required (for example on aeroplanes) without losing it’s easy breathing benefits.

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