We love our beards, we spend a lot of time and money making them look amazing.

Then what do we do?  We cover them up with a black cloth face mask, or maybe a colourful bandana.

I searched the web for face masks for beards and there are loads of them. The problem is that every single one of them talks about ways to fit your voluminous beard into a cloth face mask.

A cloth face mask that completely obscures your beard from view!

Isn’t that missing the point? Don’t we want to show off our beards, not hide them away.

So here’s the answer to your beard mask problem  – ClearShield Heath clear face shields.

Originally designed for lip readers and the hard of breathing they are the perfect way to protect yourself and others while at the same time showcasing your amazing facial hair?

We’ve got two beard mask designs that any discerning beard wearer will love.

The Neo is absolutely perfect for all beard sizes, crystal clear, anti fog and open at the sides and bottom to be worn with even the longest beard

The Blocc is a cool, “infinity” design that’s ideal for the smaller beard and doesn’t have visible, distracting edges, it’s another open, easy breathing design but this time it even covers your eyes for even more protection. (Read how you can catch Coronavirus through your eyes).

Beard Shields from ClearShield health are the perfect gift for anyone who wants to show off their facial hair.