Dogs and cats are visually oriented animals. They communicate through facial expressions and body language paying particular attention to the eyes, ears, and mouth.

So you shouldn’t be surprised if your dog barks at you or your cat runs away when you come home with your face covered. Their immediate reaction is “a stranger is in our home”. It’s going to take a few minutes for them to study your body language and hear your voice before they realize it’s you.

With the new COVID-19 recommendations for people to wear face coverings we’re severely restricting our ability to communicate with our pets, causing them a lot of stress and confusion.

Masks tend to focus attention on our eyes because that’s the only part of the face they can see and direct eye contact in the animal world is often perceived as a threat.

When a dog or cat meets someone for the first time and all they see are the two eyes staring at them, it’s a frightening experience for them.

Clearshield is the ideal solution for pet lovers and it’s been a big hit with vets where it helps put pets and their owners at ease in this stressful situation.