Only is the Original, clear, easy breathing face mask specialist. Beware of imitators.  Always look for the ClearShield Logo.

Our clear face masks have been an instant hit from the day we launched ClearShield Original way back in February of this year.

Naturally our success has led to a number of competing companies springing up recently, all aiming to profit from the increasing demand for these types of protective masks.

Some of these imitators have even chosen to market their products using the ClearShield name or a version of it.

Please be aware that these imitators have nothing to do with ClearShield.Health and are not associated with, affiliated to, or endorsed by us. They are often marketed by online ecommerce companies rather than medical health specialists.

Unless they are listed on the ClearShield.Health website as an official distributor, they do not sell our product. Even if their products look similar they may not be made to the same standards or specifications.

Our goal was and continues to be primarily to provide safe, affordable and effective protection against COVID-19 for people who can’t wear conventional face masks. People who Governments around the World say should forego any kind of protection (We think this is so wrong as they are the most vulnerable).

Our product range has grown over the last 6 months to include products for anyone who can’t or doesn’t want to wear a conventional cloth mask for any reason. We continue to learn and refine our product range to meet the demands of our customers and to incorporate new innovations in design and manufacturing.

Thank you to all of our existing and new customers for your business and ongoing support.