Every day I hear people justifying the flaunting of Coronavirus (COVID 19) safety guidelines saying things like:

“Hey, I’m young, Coronavirus (COVID 19) doesn’t affect me, I can do what I want”

“If wearing a mask helps others but doesn’t protect me, why do I care, what’s in it for me?”

This is wrong on so many levels, here’s why:

It’s true the main benefit of covering your mouth and nose is that it stops YOU giving the virus to other people and I understand many people don’t care about this:

But you should. I’m going to tell you what’s in it for you, read on:

  1. If YOU have the virus and YOU don’t wear a mask and YOU don’t socially distance YOU WILL INFECT other people with the virus.
  2. (You probably don’t even know if you have the virus, 81% of people with Coronavirus (COVID 19) have no symptoms).
  3. The people YOU give the virus to may be old (they are most likely to be older members of YOUR OWN FAMILY), and because YOU gave them the virus they may DIE.
  4. The people YOU gave the virus to that don’t DIE may give it to other people who may DIE or pass it on to other people. (Who may DIE or pass it on to other people etc etc).
  5. Now YOU HAVE helped create a spike or second wave which means your Government will tell YOU to lock down.
  6. If YOU have to lock down YOU may lose your job.
  7. YOUR CHILDREN might have a worse life because they will be denied a proper education.
  8. The economy may tank and everyone (INCLUDING YOU) will end up paying higher taxes for the rest of their lives.

Or YOU could just cover YOUR face and protect the ones you love!